Inthouse App

Installation Guide - Android

  1. Open Google Play on your mobile device.

  1. Press the loupe icon to search.

  1. Search for “Inthouse”.

  1. Select the Inthouse App from the list of found items.

  1. Install Inthouse by pressing “Install” button.

  1. Press “Accept” to accept application permissions.

  1. Wait for installation of the Inthouse App.

  1. Run Inthouse App by pressing “Open”.

  1. Enter 16 character long ID of your configuration which you have received from your vendor and press Continue.

  1. Wait while the configuration is being downloaded.

  1. Press Continue to try connecting to your target device. If the App has all the needed details, it will jump to step 14. Alternatively, press Settings to see or change the connection settings.

  1. Specify the connection settings to your target device. Enter the IP address (or DNS name) and port (usually 80). If you do not know these settings but your mobile device is connected via WiFi to the same router as your target device (via cable), press the Find button for automatic detection. Press Continue to move to the next step.

  1. Enter the password of the target device and press Continue.

  1. Wait for the initial setup.

  1. Optionally enter a label for this configuration to more easily distinguish it from others (if you have more than one). Press Continue to start the main App.

  1. Read the manual for more information.