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Available for Android, iOS and Windows.

Inthouse App

The perfect balance of ease of use and advanced features.
With Inthouse App you can control your smart home or standalone smart devices from anywhere.
Siemens Climatix PLCs are supported out of the box, please get in touch for other options.

Easy to set up

First installation and setup will only take a moment and you can later transfer your settings to other devices.

Intuitive to use

We aim for a touch user interface that anyone could use without difficulties. It is optimized for screen sizes from small phones to tablets and beyond.

Powerful features

Specialized UI controls, widgets, automatic updates, item availability detection, multiple configurations, QR code scanning, NFC tags and more.

Fully customizable

Design and content configuration by manufacturers always leaves enough freedom for user customization such as presets/scenes or favorites.

Secure remote access

Top-level end to end encryption and access controls ensure that you can connect safely from anywhere with our Hub for Inthouse Cloud.

Stable and frequently updated

We continuously update and improve our software while taking the stability and security very seriously.

General partner

Intuitive and powerful

The perfect balance of ease of use and advanced features

Other Components

Inthouse App is powered by the rest of our software and hardware products

Inthouse Cloud

Server network providing secure and reliable services for other components. These include remote App access, historical data storage, configuration updates and more. Geographically distributed for reliability and fast response time.

Inthouse Hub

Cloud gateway for your home. A small device that connects via your wired or wireless home network or a mobile network to the Inthouse Cloud and provides monitoring and secure remote access to your smart devices attached via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or Modbus.

Inthouse Studio

All-in-one desktop software for our partners designed with ease of use in mind. Project management for your Apps, including content, structure, design, resources or translations. Instant updates for your customers, global or targeted.

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V roce 2019 získala firma Inthouse Systems s.r.o. podporu z Evropských strukturálních a investičních fondů, realizovanou skrz Operační program Praha - pól růstu ČR a čerpanou přes první výzvu Specializovaných voucherů (reg.č. CZ.07.1.02/0.0/0.0/16_027/0000607). Podpora byla mířena na účast firmy Inthouse Systems s.r.o. na projekt Inthouse v Praze za účelem zlepšení prodejní síly pomocí mentoringových služeb. Očekávaným výstupem je rozšíření nabídky o produkt Inthouse Hub (Cloud AP), marketingová kampaň, marketingový plán a zefektivnění řízení firmy, interních a výrobních procesů.
Projekt Inthouse spolufinancován Evropskou unií.